What is a Seller’s Permit?

Every county and/or state charges tax on eligible sales to use them for costs of state and county. This money can pay for emergency personnel such as police, fire personnel, hospitals and other programs that benefit our community. Every person who lives in this area or uses these services is responsible for contributing for the use of these services.

Who needs a Seller’s Permit?

Any person who sells new merchandise or articles that they personally fabricate. For example, necklaces or bracelets, aprons, inscribed rice kernels with names, etc. Or a person who buys used items to resell. If you sell your own personal used items and only sell 2 times in a 12 month period, you are required to fill out Form 410-D from the Board of Equalization, (BOE). It is not permitted to sell in our market if you do not have one of the above mentioned documents.

What is the cost of a Seller’s Permit?

It costs you nothing. You just need to pay the state tax on the taxable items sold during the year. For example, if you sell $1500.00 of taxable items during the year, you pay approximately $131.00 in tax to the BOE in Fresno County. You need to report all tax earned thru sales.

What do you need to obtain a Seller’s Permit?

You need a document to identify yourself. A Drivers License or Identification Card from California, or other state. If you don’t have one of these documents, you can use your “Matricula” from your country of origin and two references from persons who live here. You also need a Temporary Identification Number, (TIN) from the IRS. To sell in this market, your permit needs to have our address on it 10951 East Mountain View Avenue, Selma, CA 93662. You can put your name or your business name on your permit. DO NOT PUT the name of Selma Flea Market!

Where canyon obtain your Seller’s Permit?

The closest office is located at 8050 N. Palm Avenue, Suite 205, in Fresno, CA. From our Flea Market, take Hwy 99 to Hwy 41 North (Yosemite). Head north for approximately 10 miles. Exit on Friant Road, staying in the second lane on the right, than turn left. Turn right on Nees. The Board of Equalization is at the corner of Palm and Nees. Go to the second floor to Suite 205. You can also apply online at www.boe.ca.gov.