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What Is A Blank Page?

Avada includes blank pages that allow you to build pages without showing the header or footer. You can still use all the same page options and shortcodes for content.
They are perfect for interesting pages like “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance Mode” or to create a beautiful landing page design.

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Mike W.
Long time resident now Selma Flea Market fan.  Can't wait to go each week when I can.
Study and code, study and code. I NEED my veggie fix morning noon and night. Now that I am on a veggie diet my energy is different. Not so roller coaster and more ups than downs. Telling all my friends to go to Selma Flea Market.
Work, wife, kids, friends. Always on the go and I'm not a all day shopping guy. My wife found this and now I love it.
Danny D. - CEO
Journalist and blogger I work all hours. Coffee and energy drinks used to be the norm but it messed with my brain after so many. My brother bought me some because he saw how I would be all jolted out. It's been 5 months and my brain feels better. Things seem more relaxed while I get more done.
Matthew W. - Blogger
I help run a business that never sleeps. I am always on the go. Bio Coffee has me getting more done because I don't have the crashes other drinks give me. Bio Coffee 4 U? You bet.
Linda Perez - Assistant Manager
I need my brain! Designing takes more than just being there. BioCoffee gives me the zip I need but it doesn't drag me down like energy drinks do. I think clearer and that lets my creative juices flow better. BioCoffee helps me create better.
Krista R. - Graphic Designer
I travel a lot. Different time zones, hotels and coffee. Not only is BioCoffee great but it comes in packaging that works for my lifestyle. My protein bars and BioCoffee in my go bag. Everywhere I go I get the taste and pick me up I need.
I run my own company, dad to my kids and greatful husband to a fantastic wife. When I got hooked on the highs energy drinks and regular coffee gave me I was left with the lows. The lows I couldn't afford. BioCoffee keeps me up and level. Plus my wife likes what it does for my blood pressure. I wouldn't consider anything else.